Epoxy Garage Floors

Our finish quality is our #1 priority at TEK Decks in Tampa

At TEK Decks, our Garage Epoxy Flooring systems are professionally installed with focus on surface preparation and the utilization of best-in-class, industrial-grade materials. Both of these aspects are extremely important for a quality installation that is guaranteed against peeling or hot-tire pick-up – the most common failures for coated garage floors.

Our Epoxy Garage Floor Process


At TEK Decks of Tampa, the preparation of your garage floor is of the highest importance and is critical to ensure maximum adhesion of our coating systems. We start by grinding your concrete floor utilizing walk-behind diamond floor grinders to create an industry standard CSP3 (Concrete Surface Profile). All of our are grinders are attached to HEPA-filtrated, industrial vacuum systems which capture the majority of the dust created throughout the process. This step removes any unwanted stains or previously applied materials resulting in a concrete floor that is clean and porous, which allows our coatings to penetrate deep into the substrate and create a tenacious mechanical bond.

Upon completion of this process, we inspect the entire floor and begin to make repairs to all cracks, fissures, and spalling concrete utilizing a variety of epoxy and polyurea concrete repair systems that have varying degrees of elastomeric properties. This step restores the integrity of the existing concrete substrate prior to it being coated.


TEK Decks uses industrial-grade coating systems which are low VOC and LEED compliant, manufactured by a select few of the largest and technologically-advanced, polymer coating suppliers in the country. We mix the material on-site utilizing a formula based on the dimensional square footage of the space to provide maximum durability and mil-thickness build. The product is then poured onto the concrete floor and applied evenly using a squeegee, which forces the epoxy into the open pores of the concrete. The product is further distributed using large rollers until a uniformed finish is achieved. This step of our system uses pre-tinted solid color epoxy which coordinates with many of our flake blends, or it may be used as a stand-alone coating. Additionally, this method may be used with one of our transparent sealers to provide an economical approach to the polished concrete look.


Our decorative flakes are broadcasted by hand into the wet basecoat to allow for the flakes to chemically bond with the epoxy base coat and provide the look of Granite, Quartz, Stone, or Metallic. We apply the flakes to rejection or at a minimum rate of 25lbs. per 100sqft, which completely covers the floor and hides many of the imperfections. This step is critical toward providing build, durability, and impact resistance to the system, and is ultimately what makes the surface look like a Granite or Quartz countertop. We have many designer finishes to choose from that can complement the color palette of the interior or exterior of your home, or we can even custom blend your own one-of-a-kind finish. Our Terrazzo finish includes a light partial broadcast of flakes or sand, providing a durable & clean-looking garage floor.


The final step in our process is to seal the flakes into place providing an extremely durable surface that is chemical resistant and easy to clean. This includes reclaiming the loose/excess flakes and scraping the floor, revealing a uniform surface. We then mix the clear coat sealer on-site utilizing yet another formula based on the area’s dimensional square footage and apply the material utilizing a squeegee and back-rolling method to create a consistent “orange peel” texture. The final texture has anti-slip properties, but also is extremely easy to clean. We have a variety of clear coat sealers available based on the needs and durability of the system to include our best in class Polyaspartic system, which provides the ultimate in chemical & abrasion resistance, elongation, and UV stability. Additionally, we may use Epoxy, Polyaspartic/Polyurea, or Urethane clear coat based on individual performance requirements.


Our Stone finish features a full broadcast, to rejection, of ¼” flakes which are layered in-between our industrial two-part, solvent-based epoxy base coat and our best in class uvS Polyaspartic top coat. These flakes are available in a variety of earth & gray tone blends that look like a Stone patio and coordinate with many on-trend designer finishes.