Paver Cleaning, Sealing and Repairs

Paver sealing & cleaning protects brick concrete pavers and enriches the beauty of the natural stone and brings out the various tones and colors. Not only does sealing pavers protect them from oil, grease, and various elements, sealing pavers also protects from fading and discoloration due from harmful UV rays.

Cleaning and sealing concrete pavers and exterior flooring in Tampa is a must and a large part of who we are at TEK DECKS! We use the best paver cleaning and paver sealing equipment available that’s why we provide the best pricing and cover our paver services with a 1-year warranty.

Pavers are porous, absorbing the elements they are exposed to and over time unprotected pavers will become sun-bleached, tend to crack easily and house insects, debris, and mold.

After cleaning the pavers, re-sanding and sealing will keep your pavers tight together and prevent them from shifting. Re-sanding is a process of spreading sand over the pavers and into the cracks to stabilize your surfaces which also helps prevent weeds from growing in between stones.

We will bring out the best appearance from Interlocking Concrete Pavers, Flagstone, Slate, Travertine and other exterior flooring surfaces and protect them against staining, fading, and discoloration.

Paver Sales and Installation

Concrete pavers are available in a variety of shapes, styles, patterns, and colors, giving the homeowner plenty of choices to create a unique driveway or pool deck that complements their house and landscape. Pavers used for driveways are usually interlocking, which both speeds the installation and strengthens the surface.

Another benefit of concrete pavers is that individual pavers can be removed and replaced, if necessary. Unlike poured concrete and asphalt concrete paver driveways do not require a curing period. Once installed, they are ready to use. They also offer more traction when wet than poured concrete.

Concrete pavers are a popular choice for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pool surrounds. The pavers are manufactured to high standards, creating a durable, uniform product that can actually create a stronger driveway than poured concrete.

Epoxy Garage Flooring

Welcome to TEK DECKS epoxy systems, home of ultra-unique epoxy flooring & innovative designs. TEK DECKS provides turnkey epoxy installation services, including removal of your existing floor system, surface preparation, and installation of the proper coating system for your unique application.

We specialize in high-performance coatings for commercial and residential properties. Our customers include restaurants, car dealerships, auto service stations, and residential homes.

Custom Concrete Systems

Tek Decks concrete systems are designed to be applied over the top of ANY pre-existing concrete surface. In most cases, NO DEMO is necessary. Our noninvasive installation process will leave you with a durable, low maintenance floor that is easy and simple to take care.

Tek Decks is committed to offering high-quality decorative solutions to your flooring needs at an affordable cost. CUSTOM DECORATIVE STYLING WITH INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH AND DURABILITY using only the highest quality materials the industry has to offer, Tek Decks creates customer decorative floors while providing a durable and low maintenance floor at an affordable cost.

Offering a limitless array of designs options, patterns and colors, Tek Decks is sure to have a solution to your concrete flooring needs. PLAIN CONCRETE IS BORING BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE.


Should you seal new pavers?
Yes. The most important reason you want to seal your pavers is to protect them, protect the color, protect the surface from deteriorating. The second reason why you should seal pavers is looks. As soon as the pavers are installed the Florida sun’s UV rays goes to work deteriorating and fading the paver colors.

New pavers should be sealed ASAP or within 30 days of installation. Older pavers will need to be cleaned, re-sanded and then sealed.

Will sealing my concrete pavers make them slippery?
The short answer is no. However this is dependent on what type of sealer is used on your brick pavers and what type of brick pavers you have. There are some sealers that make brick pavers extremely slippery in wet conditions and there are others that do not change the texture of the paver at all.
How do you clean our pavers?
We use a pressure washing system with 220 heated water, and up to 4000 psi to insure we can get the pavers as clean as possible. The heated water helps to remove stubborn stains and grime build up.
Should we re-sand pavers before sealing?

Yes, this is an important step to fill any voids and help to hold the pavers in place. Then the sealer is applied over the new sand to create a bond.

How long should we stay off of the pavers after sealing?

Foot traffic is generally ok after 4-6 hours. Vehicles must stay off the sealed areas for 48-72 hours minimum.

Are the paver sealers harmful to pets or plants?
No. However pets should always be kept away from areas being sealed until those areas are completely dry.