Paver Installation & Sales

If you’re looking for a residential and commercial driveway paver installation and paver repair company in Tampa Fl, Tek Decks has provided paver installation and restoration for over 17 years for the Tampa Bay area.

Paving stone is four times stronger than concrete with better weight distribution, making it an excellent choice for driveways. Also if any damage should occur, it is cheaper to repair than traditional poured concrete. Beyond its functionality paver stones are aesthetically elegant, increasing property value. Overall, installing paving stones is a great long-term investment!


Enjoy a paving stone driveway that’s:

  • Easier to maintain than a concrete driveway
  • More durable than a concrete driveway
  • Designed to match the style of your home
  • A value-booster to your property

Driveway Paver Installation

Are you looking into building a new driveway with paver’s from scratch or renovating your existing driveway, we start every project with careful consideration of the shape, durability, design, and color.

Your paver driveway adds to the curb appeal of your home, we look at both functionality and aesthetics as we design and build the best fit for your property.

Driveway Paving Cost:

The costs of driveway paver installation or restoration has a few key elements that may influence the cost. The choice of design, color, driveway dimensions, paving stones, drainage features, and adjacent landscaping are just a few.

Pool Deck Paver Installation

One of the first elements to factor in is what size of paver is needed for your deck. You need to insure the paver choice provides a Non-slip surface and is safe and slip-proof in any weather condition.

Secondly choose a paver that is not susceptible to damaged by salts or chlorine.

Thirdly choose a pave that compliments the color of your pool and the landscape that surrounds it.

Patio Paver Installation

Your patio plays a crucial role in the home, it provides a place for some relaxation or a beautiful area for entertaining and social gathering.

One thing to consider when choosing the right patio paver is the amount and size of furniture going to be used.

Secondly the design and layout of your paver’s to accentuate your furniture and surroundings of your patio. There are almost limitless patterns, colors, designs, and shapes to choose from making paver’s the go to product when planning your new patio or upgrading your old existing concrete patio.


Should you seal new pavers?
Yes. The most important reason you want to seal your pavers is to protect them, protect the color, protect the surface from deteriorating. The second reason why you should seal pavers is looks. As soon as the pavers are installed the Florida sun’s UV rays goes to work deteriorating and fading the paver colors.

New pavers should be sealed ASAP or within 30 days of installation. Older pavers will need to be cleaned, re-sanded and then sealed.

Will sealing my concrete pavers make them slippery?
The short answer is no. However this is dependent on what type of sealer is used on your brick pavers and what type of brick pavers you have. There are some sealers that make brick pavers extremely slippery in wet conditions and there are others that do not change the texture of the paver at all.
How do you clean our pavers?
We use a pressure washing system with 220 heated water, and up to 4000 psi to insure we can get the pavers as clean as possible. The heated water helps to remove stubborn stains and grime build up.
Should we re-sand pavers before sealing?

Yes, this is an important step to fill any voids and help to hold the pavers in place. Then the sealer is applied over the new sand to create a bond.

How long should we stay off of the pavers after sealing?

Foot traffic is generally ok after 4-6 hours. Vehicles must stay off the sealed areas for 48-72 hours minimum.

Are the paver sealers harmful to pets or plants?
No. However pets should always be kept away from areas being sealed until those areas are completely dry.

See What Are Customers Have To Say

“Brad Skinner saved the day. He repaired our travertine that had been done by another company He also finished a section of the patio that had not been completed by another company. He responded quickly to my request to come out. Him and his team were professional and finished the job on time. The communication was great and very happy with the work done. Thank you Brad.”

“Brad and his team were responsive in providing quote to us. He also assisted in helping us get travertine for our pool deck. Install occurred on 8/6 & 8/7 and his team was extremely thorough, professional, and efficient. We are more than pleased with the work done by his team.”

“Brad and his team did an amazing job with my driveway and backyard repairs, installation, and paver sealing. Very glad I found this company. Great value and great service by the team! Highly recommend!”